Graphic material from the tours we have had through the last years.

BELGIUM 04 January 31/February 2 2004

Baron Steels Hall, a great space in the city center where our concert took place. The picture was taken at the sound check
Some felpeyos with a friend, visiting the Atomium.
Walking the streets of Brussels, we could check people there knows how to put things -and people- where they deserve to be.
A picture with friends of Radio Alma, with the Grand Place on our back.
Enjoying the Lambic, a beer 100% natural brewed with the traditional Brussels style. Just beautiful!

March/April 2003
We flew into Melbourne, and our Asturian friends and hosts there, Olvido & Severino, were waiting for us with a huge BBQ ready to go. Isn't that the best start!
Melbourne, March 6 2003.
Bree and Ruma on the back of the van, driving Port Fairy-Adelaide. A long, beautiful trip, as usual in Australia. March 8 2003
A bunch of good guys.
Port Fairy-Adelaide, March 8 2003

Port Fairy-Adelaide. Australian shops usually announce the products they sell by building huge sculptures of them, particularly on the road shops. Guess what were they selling here.
Port Fairy-Adelaide, March 8 2003

At the WOMAD backstage we drunk the first Cooper's (our favourite Australian beer) on the current tour. Adelaide, March 9 2003
We were looking forward to this meeting with our friends of the South Coast Folk Club from last 2000 tour: Pete, Dick and Susan.
Adelaide, March 11 2003
Once in Sydney, Felpeyu was invited to a reception at the Spanish Consulate. The consul was a nice man, though the coolest at the meeting was by far his butler, Don DeLong, with whom we had a great time. Here he is, providing us with snacks and drinks.
Sydney, March 14 2003
Spanish Consulate. The gang with the Consul.
Sydney, March 14 2003
Oxford Tavern. Our friend Simon organized this gig for us. Simon, distributor of Australian wines and beers, was the one who introduced us to Cooper's beer back on 2000; we therefore wanted to dedicate this photo to him (and to the Cooper's).
Wollongong, March 17 2003
At a friend's place in Kiama. While having a big Australian breakfast, Fernando and Lisardo had the chance to try this peculiar violin with a clever amplification system.
Kiama, March 18 2003
Lunch stop on the way to Melbourne, with Corinne andRose from Secret Street (our Australian cd label).
March 18 2003
We had very little time off in Melb, but enough for a big Asturian lunch before the Brunswick concert. From left to right: Ígor, Severino, Lisardo, Carlos, Ruma, Daniel, Corinne, Diego; Rose, Fernando, Xuan, Alicia, Ollie.
Melbourne (VIC), March 20 2003
Bathurst, NSW. Photo with our pals from the Bathurst Folk Club, after our gig at the Panorama City Hotel. March 23 2003.
Heading to Byron Bay (NSW). March 29 2003.
That's Australia: when you think animals bigger sized than those you've seen just can't exist, you go and find them. This enormous spider that was living on the dressing room was an all-Australia champion.
Coorrabell, Byron Bay (NSW), March 29 2003
Though autumn was about to get to Queensland, the weather was still very hot and it was a must to stop for a drink every now and then. Brisbane (QLD), March 30 2003.
When touring, it is a good habit to take things with some sense of humour, specially when tireness starts to appear. Our humour is quite peculiar and absurd, but pretty effective. After being driving the whole day, we arrived into Gold Coast and were surprised to find this welcome advertisement. Such was our reaction.
Gold Coast (QLD), April 1 2003.
Driving down to Sydney we found this massive banana, so we could only stop and take this pic showing our shock. Don't miss Fernando climbing at the bottom.
Coffs Harbour area (NSW), April 2 2003.
This day we drove for ages. When we got to Katoomba, to perform at the Blue Mountains Folk Festival, we were already sick of the van. Katoomba (NSW), April 3 2003.

Photo with the famous Three Sisters, Felpeyu style.
Katoomba (NSW), April 4 2003

Ígor and Bree, with an awesome sight of the Blue Mountains.
Katoomba (NSW), April 4 2003
Having a beer after the gig on a fun place: the Gallipoli Veterans Club.
Newcastle (NSW), April 4 2003
Lorraine, Ígor, Bree, Carlos and Ruma, at the Gallipoli Veterans Club.
Newcastle (NSW), April 4 2003
The last weekend of the tour was the wildest on Felpeyu's History. We performed in Canberra (ACT) by Saturday 5th night; next morning we took a flight to Melbourne (VIC) in order to perform at Castlemaine (1 hour and a half drive from Melbourne) at 13:00h; as soon as we were done, we went back to Melbourne and flew into Sydney (NSW) to perform at The Basement that very night. Needless to say, we were completely exhausted after the whole thing.
The Basement, Sydney (NSW), April 6 2003.
Lisar at the dressing room, celebrating the end of the tour with a cold Cascade beer.
The Basement, Sydney, April 6 2003.

December 00/January 01

Freemasons Hotel, next morning to the Nimbin gig. Ruma expresses quite clearly all the Cooper's that were drunk.
Nimbin (NSW), December 22 2000.

A typical breakfast from North New South Wales: fruit salad.
Nimbin (NSW), December 22 2000.
Australia goes ten hours forward, so at the time Asturians were having their 24th dinner, we were having our 25th breakfast, party included. Here's Bree wishing Xuan a happy Christmas.
Yamba (NSW), December 25 2003
We could never ever imagine to suffer that heat on a Christmas day, since Christmas are actually in the middle of Austral summer. We went to a tea tree lagoon for a pic-nic, and here we are full of black clay head to toes, which is supposed to be so healthy for the skin.
Byron Bay (NSW), December 25 2000.
Cd signing at Woodford Folk Festival.
Woodford (QLD), December 2000/January 2001.
Pouring in Melbourne. Asturians there develop beautiful home made cider, they have got genuine Cabrales cheese, and they cook the best Asturian and Spanish dishes together with the Australian BBQ. Great hospitality, as usual. Here's Lisardo, the band's official pouring master, at work.
Melbourne (VIC), January 20 2003.
Amongst the Asturian emigrants in Melbourne, we had the pleasure to meet this woman; besides she had spent her entire life there, she could still sing traditional tonada to the pipes as if she would never had left Asturies. Xuan played with her on some tunes that got us deeply impressed. Melbourne (VIC), January 20 2003.
Photo post-BBQ, with our Asturian friends in Melbourne and some Australians too (Roger Holdsworth and Pat, center). Many kisses to them from here.
Melbourne (VIC), January 20 2003.

Ígor at the backstage,trying a bouzouki built wholly in alluminum by a local luthier .
Bathurst (NSW), February 4 2001.

Flying back home. The planes of Thai airlines are huge and this one was almost empty on the last stage, so we took the chance to take this funny photo.
Somewhere between Roma and Madrid, February 7 2001.

March/April 2000
Our hosts in Adelaide brought us to a sanctuary, in order to enjoy the company of some Australian fauna on a wild environment. The security service at the main door consisted on an enormous pelikan waiting for food from everyone that was coming in. We walked very carefully by his side, and quickly run into the place.
Adelaide (SA), April 11 2000.
Ígor feeding an emu, just as big as himself and owner of a bad temper about the same size. It was running behind us through the whole itinerary asking for more. Adelaide (SA), April 11 2000.
¿Who is Ruma and who the koala?
Adelaide (SA), April 11 2000.
Kangaroos also come for food.
Adelaide (SA), April 11 2000.
Our friends at the South Coast Folk Club.
Noarlunga (SA), April 13 2000.
Bundawang Hall. Family photo at the National Folk Festival, close to the end of the tour.
Canberra (ACT), April 2000.

Photos from our performances over The Boot.
Such was our surprise when we saw this flamenco-like poster announcing our concert.
Otiglio, July 1995
As soon as we got to Savona, our friends there brought us to this gelateria, the world's best to their taste. It may be true or it may not but, as far as we know, it's the most delicious ice-cream we have ever tried.
Savona (Liguria), July 1995
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