Some studio photos we used for diverse graphic material.

Photo session forYá! by Jorge Chachero, October 2002. This one was used for the cd booklet.
The chosen photo for the digipak interior.
Three more from the same session, this time with instruments.
Photo session in Sydney (NSW, Australia), February 5 2001. Felpeyu, dressed up as Felpeyu.
This one and the next were used for posters and graphic material for the next 2003 tour.
Jorge Chachero took this session in Somió (Xixón) the spring of 2000. This one was chosen for the promo of our concerts that season.
Session by Luisa Colado for Tierra. This one was the central photo of a collage we developed for the back of the cd design, in march 1997. Left to right: Carlos, Xuan, Toño, Elías, Ruma, Ígor.
The Asturian leading newspaper La Nueva España interviewed us for the section La Esterilla, the summer of 1995. The photographer, and friend of ours, bet we wouldn't dare to appear in shorts. Obviously, he lost.
By the winter of 1994, our pal Santi Barrios shoot a feew photos for our upcoming recording. This is the one used for the back of the recording and the promo. Left to right: Xel, Ruma, Igor, Xuan, Isidro.