Here is some graphic material from the early years, when we were still students at the University of Salamanca. It was there where we formed the band in 1991, recorded the first demo and started getting some experience by performing on several pubs.

First "official" concert of Felpeyu, at Bejar Engineering School Concert Hall, 1991. Left to right: Félix Castro (Galician bagpipes), Cástor Castro (flute), Ígor (guitar), Ruma (bodhrán).
Some things never change. Besides being still amateur performers, Ruma and Ígor already knew how to play the fool at a professional level.
After the gig on a nice pub in Béjar, La Alquitara, in the good company of two dear friends at the time: Ladis -our "mánager" and kind host in Béjar- and the incomparable Son.
Cástor. ¿Or Félix...? In this case there's no doubt; as twins they used to share a lot of instruments, but only Cástor plays the flute.
This is Félix.
The Felpeyín, our mascot, happily sat down on the 20W baby that Ígor used to carry everywhere to amplify his guitar
Ígor, ¡and no trace of beard!
Ruma, playing his first hand made bodhrán.
Our pal Lluis Álvarez, also from Xixón, musician, Fine Arts student and our flat mate. Too many coincidences to avoid playing with us. Lluis was Felpeyu's bass player for about a year and a half, and also recorded on our first demo.
This was the recording of the first demo, at the music studio of Juan del Encina theatre in Salamanca.
El empalme d'Ossian was a band put together by musicians who used to perform at sessions in Salamanca in 1995/96: Ígor (bouzouki); Isidro Suárez (flute and whistles); Fernando (fiddle); Gonzalo, from Valladolid (flutes), and Bernie O'Rourke, from Ennis, Co. Clare (concertina). The photo was taken in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia).